Snowmobile Boots

by Jessica B. February 2nd, 2017
If you are planning to take up snowmobiling you are going to need a good pair of boots that keep your feet warm and also safe. While you can use your snowmobile boots for hiking and other winter sports, you may not be able to use your regular boots
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Footwear for Winter Camping

by Jessica B. January 26th, 2017
If you are planning a camping trip this winter, you are going to need to make sure you have appropriate footwear to keep you comfortable on your journey. Much is dependent on the weather and landscape of your destination. Here area few things to consider when choosing footwear for your winter camping trip:

1) Insulated boots – If you are not dealing with a lot of snow, only colder temperatures, insulated hiking boots with good socks can be the way
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Winter Hike Packing List

by Jessica B. January 19th, 2017
If you are planning for a winter hike, you need to be extra careful that you have everything you could need if you happen to get stuck outside in colder temperatures. With some careful planning, you can pack a nice light pack, wear well-layered clothing, and enjoy a nice day hike. This list is for a hike that does not involve overnighting. If you are going to be spending the night, you will need to pack differently.


Hat – A
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  • Winter Camping in Wisconsin

    by Lori Sciame January 12th, 2017
    If you own the right equipment, camping during the winter months can be a fun and memorable experience.  The reasons are many: no bugs, not many people, no need for reservations, and a quiet beauty that can take one's breath away. The only question....where to venture for a winter camping trip?  The answer - Wisconsin!

    As a friend of the former Discover Wisconsin TV host, and the current Secretary of
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  • Intro to Ice Fishing

    by Bea January 5th, 2017
    I have to admit, fishing is not the most appealing of sports to me. I know that there are many different types of fishing, but in general, I do not really have the patience to wait around for that bite. So, when someone mentions ice fishing, the first thought that comes into my mind is, "You want me to wait outside, on chunk of ice, in the cold, and
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  • Ice Fishing Tips: Think Like the Fish

    by Donella Crigger December 22nd, 2016
    Being a good angler requires skill and an eye for detail. That’s especially true when it comes to ice fishing. While some anglers give up after the fish stop biting, being persistent and trying different lures and techniques can help you catch some panfish when the other anglers on the ice are coming up empty handed. Here are a few tips for catching the eye of some tasty perch,
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