Best Days to Fish in October?

by Mackenzie M. October 7th, 2011 | Fishing
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This week I stumbled upon something very interesting on the Farmer’s Almanac website. It is a day-by-day chart of the best days to fish in October.  I felt elated to have found this information, as every angler needs a bit of help, right?  And the good news is, they have a fishing chart like this for every month!

The calendar, much like the rest of the almanac, is based upon the phases of the moon, what zodiac phase the moon is in, and the experience by the people who fish each day, and who work for the almanac. The only things that could affect these predictions of the fishing experience are the local conditions and the tides.

You may not know it, but fishing can still be pretty good in October – especially on the 18th and 19th. From what I learned in the almanac, I will list the days to fish, and the days to avoid; however, I first need to briefly explain what the ratings themselves mean.

Poor means that fish will either steal your bait, or not touch the line. Fair means that you may catch a fish, but it will take a lot of work. Good means that you will “catch enough fish to feel gratified.” As one can assume, best means that it is likely that you will catch a fish almost every time you cast your line into the water.

According to the calendar on the Farmer’s Almanac website, the month of October starts out poor, then on the fourth moves to fair, then one day of good on the seventh, and three days of best from the eighth to the tenth. After this, the cycle returns to fair, then down to poor, but then spikes up to best on the eighteenth to the nineteenth, before returning to lower levels closer to the end of the month, and does not return to best until November fifth to the seventh. (This translates into about 6 or 7 days of a great fishing experience!)

As a fisherman, I cannot help but wonder if these rankings are true. Yet, this publication has been in existence for many years, and it is highly regarded. Another factor that points to its legitimacy is the fact that the source is popular, as the link on the website has been liked by nearly 1,500 people.

Any fisherman out there want to tell us if this ranking system is spot on or far off target?

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